History - The Yorker Intl. University

   The Yorker International University

Established more than fifteen years ago it aims to provide learning opportunities for adults in Us Italy and Europe  and widen access to University education to the community.
We are committed to the maintenance of University quality and excellence in all educational programs offered, we ensure quality through our trainings, promoting and teaching courses for adults.
Nearly all of our courses have no formal entry requirements, either prior qualifications or experience. We allow people who have missed out on education to fulfil their potential and achieve a university-level qualification.

We believe that it is the qualifications with which our students leave, rather than those with which they enter, that count..
We deliver on-line courses that are independent of time and location, our students accomplish their objectives without having to sacrifice their job or their social life.
Special thanks to our students! In all these years we received thousands of testimonies of how positively we changed your social and professional lives and how wonderful the academic experience with us has been!
We are proud of  you  and as we like to quote” It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles” by Niccolò Machiavelli


Meritocracy - The Yorker Intl. University
Meritocracy is our Philosophy our academic staff is highly prepared , our programs perfectly planed and structured to suit the life of successfull men and women with social and professional commitments.The Yorker International University,offers the possibility to students to shape their own academic pathe at their own pace enhancing their quality of life,career and success.