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Legal aspects and accreditation

Legal aspects and accreditation - The Yorker Intl. University
The Yorker International University is a nontraditional nonresidential long distance international university and does not follow traditional accreditation procedures.
The academic method applied is 100% online tutoring for all the fields except for the Indovedic sciences doctorate provide by the CSB institute Europe.
Accreditiation is facultive,voluntary but  not mandatory.
The Yorker International University is not a traditional institution and we very  strongly suggest you inquire before, if you intend to enter any national or international professional register.
The Yorker International University underlines that our degrees are not comparable to any European state recognized  degree.
We are proud of our nontraditional nonresidential long distance international status and never proceed to any state recognition voluntary, leaving us the freedom to offer top academic quality and total  time flexibility to our adult learners.